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What things to do in Lisbon – Lisbon Tours, Events and Personal Concierge

Ready to discover as a real Local and know what things to do in Lisbon? Excited about exploring this beautiful and mystical city and have a great time? Then you should definitely join one of our exciting Lisbon Tours and explore the amazing things to do in Lisbon! Lisbonhost provides all you need to have an unforgettable experience in Lisbon and we make sure to always keep a smile on your face.

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Here is a little resume of our services:

*Lisbon Tours (Walking Tours, Day Trips and Night Life)

This service is the best option for those that look for things to do in Lisbon with a tight budget and schedule. Just take a look at our “Lisbon Tours” packages, choose the ones you like the most and let us take you on a memorable experience with passionate locals.
Taking one of these options, not only is the best way to deeply know Lisbon from the eyes of a local guide, (yes, it is very different seeing it from a tourist perspective), but also it is a great way to optimize your time and even money. We know where are the best beaches, the most delicious food, the traditional spots, monuments and we are anxious to share exciting stories with you during our Lisbon Tours.

Walking Tours  

Things to do in Lisbon - Lisbon Walking Tours

Things to do in Lisbon – Lisbon Walking Tours

By foot, is the most intimate form of exploring a city and getting to know closely its people, culture, traditions and historical monuments. together with an experienced guide, you are invited to explore several thematic areas of Lisbon, its historic evolution, main points of attraction while we share intriguing stories that fill those places with particular spirit. We inform you about the most important things to do in Lisbon and from time to time, we make some stops to enjoy some delicious traditional pastries or drinks and to recover from our exciting journey. These walking Lisbon Tours are a very dynamic, interactive, exciting and fun learning experience.

Day Trips

Things to do in Lisbon - Day Trips

Things to do in Lisbon – Day Trips

Have you heard of Sintra and Cabo da Roca? Arrábida? Fátima, Tomar…, those are all amazing places to visit and one of the things to do in Lisbon not to be missed!
It is unacceptable to visit Portugal and miss them. When you join us on a day trip, we pick you up at your hotel by car/mini bus/bus, according to the number of people involved and take you on a journey for the whole day!

Night Life

Things to do in Lisbon - Lisbon Night Life

Things to do in Lisbon – Lisbon Night Life

Lisbonhost Night Life programmes start with a beautiful sunset at the beach and go on till dawn. Lisbon has a lot to offer to its night visitors: exclusive restaurants with Fado singing, luxurious bars with romantic views over the city and Tagus River, beach party under the open sky, various cultural programs staged at the worldwide known Portuguese theatres, street artists and many other activities.

*Personal Concierge

Our motto is “Consider it Done”!
This Personal Concierge Service can be applied in many areas. A concierge service assists you to manage your time, leisure or personal and professional life, being available to take care of all the endless to-do list items and help running those time-consuming tasks that you really don’t have time for during your busy life, or just don´t want to do it. Imagine your most desired wish… Consider it DONE? Are you planning your things to do in Lisbon for a week? Or a couple of days? Are you moving here? We can take care of all your flights, accommodation, restaurants, tours, or any other special request.


We love planning events and special celebrations. Lisbonhost is your best option to organize a special thematic party, any birthday or bachelor party, business presentations or a club/embassy meeting.
Get in touch with Lisbonhost, tell us what is your idea (or just ask us to suggest an idea) and we will prepare an unforgettable event.

Contact us and let the Lisbonhost magic start.


Nelson Evora Lisbonhost“Great Partners! My life gets easier. I trust Lisbonhost for their unique and exciting Tours in Lisbon. Fantastic organizing events and thematic parties!”
“Nelson Évora – Olympic and World Champion of Triple Jump and Portuguese idol.”




Lisbon tours“3 Fabulous Days in Lisboa!!!”
LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE WITH LISBONHOST! Besides having discovered precious places we didn’t know in Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, I felt so welcomed by this wonderful company! From the first contact at the airport until the day of departure, I was always in a very good company and dazzled activity after activity! Just to give you a small idea, I found myself doing amazing things in those three days, such as riding in a limo, plane, segway, and still gocar wagon! All these activities have allowed our group (12 colleagues) to live different experiences together super different from our routine and enabled a spectacular and almost family atmosphere throughout our stay! Aurelie Glacet – French group from Top Atlantic


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