Arrábida – Beautiful landscape near Lisbon

Arrábida – Beautiful landscape near Lisbon

Only 30 minutes south of Lisbon, through the 25th bridge, Arrábida is a stunning nature reserve area, with a beautiful landscape of hills and sea coast with a unique ecosystem.

Covering an area of 108 square kilometres (41.7 miles), on the northern slope of the Sado river estuary (Setúbal, Palmela, Azeitão and Sesimbra and the sea make up its boundaries), the 500 metre high Arrábida mountain rage is a dazzlingly beautiful landscape that inspires adventure and calls for meditation.

The soil and mild climate conditions provide a lush vegetation, with some rare species. Fauna in the area include: lynx, fox, hare, bats, Bonelli’s eagle, Northern eagle owl, partridge and Alpine swift.

What to do in Arrábida?

Beaches: Two of Arrábida beaches are: Portinho da Arrábida, a small white sand beach nestled in a bay with calm, crystal blue-green water excellent for swimming and diving, framed by the green of the mountains, and Figueirinha, overlooking Tróia peninsula and Setúbal bay, with calm waters, ideal for windsurfing at low tide, when a cove is created by a sandbank.

Sports: Hiking, mountain biking, sea kayaking, swimming, windsurfing, are some of the sports you can practice.

Walking: The spectacular trails through Arrábida Natural Park and its unique beautiful landscape will lead you to its rich geological, environmental and cultural heritage.

Dolphin Watching: Meeting the friendly and beautiful dolphins.

Arrábida Monastery: Built in 1542, the Arrábida Monastery, hidden in the lush vegetation, used by religious orders in the past, comprises the “old monastery” with some rooms built inside the rocks and the “new monastery” where later was built the kitchen, library, watch tower and other rooms.

Photographing: With breathtaking beautiful landscapes the Arrábida mountain is the ideal place for landscape photographers.

Gastronomy: The region provides a variety of delicacies not to be missed. Among the regional products are the Azeitão tarts, the Azeitão cheese, butter from sheep’s milk and bread baked in a wood-burning oven, a variety of cakes made of almonds and gila pumpkin, as well superb, fresh fish and seafood. The well-known natural honey of Arrábida is also something not to be missed!

Wineries: This is a region that produces quality wine. During the visit to the wineries the visitor will be acquainted with its characteristics.

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