Lisbon Night Walking Tour

Baixa Chiado, Alfama
We invite you to our Lisbon Night Walking Tour and explore the magic of this beautiful city by the end of the day.Book Now!

  • Beautiful Sunset
  • Enjoy the city’s amazing terraces and panoramic views
  • History of Lisbon old town and how the ancient civilizations formed a melting pot of cultures to create the modern city
  • Learn about the persecution of the Jews and the “new Christians”
  • Listen to the stories of Lisbon before and after the Earthquake of 1755
  • Visit the city’s beautiful Churches and the famous Lisbon Cathedral
  • Join us at the old quarter of Alfama and see the architectural wonder – the Casa dos Bicos (The House of the Spikes)
  • Advices on what to do in Lisbon
  • Beautiful Churches
  • Lisbon Night Life suggestions


lisbon night walking tour

Lisbon by Night walking tour is an original and exciting experience, combining cultural information with the magic of nigh life in Lisbon.

We start the night walking tour in the city center, visiting places around Rossio, Baixa Chiado and Terreiro do Paço, then continuing to the neighbourhood of Alfama.

Being one of the oldest districts of Lisbon and occupied by fishermen and poor citizens in the past, today Alfama is the centre of Lisbon’s unique Fado traditions. The origin of the name comes from the Arabic Al-hamma, meaning baths. Besides visiting important historical attractions and enjoying the picturesque labyrinth of streets and small squares, you will be introduced to the origins and the mysticism of Portuguese Fado, through our popular selection of Alfama’s Fado bars and restaurants.

The last part of this amazing experience is at the most popular night spot in town (Bairro Alto) where we will guide you around a combination of beautiful churches, places loved by very famous artists and where night lovers gather for a long night full of excitment.

For the most enthusiastic night lovers, after the tour, we can continue the good time, joining the “Bar Tour/ Pub Crawl“! It will definitely be a memorable night!