Wild Beach around Lisbon

25th April Bridge, Costa Caparica

Enjoy a marvelous day on the Beach around Lisbon. We visit the wildest and most beautiful beaches of Portugal.

  • 25th April Bridge crossing
  • Christ the King Sanctuary
  • Almada
  • Costa da Caparica
  • Local beaches
  • Bar by the ocean
  • Surfing

Beach around Lisbon - surfing

During this relaxing day, you will explore the best local beaches around Lisbon. Just bring confortable clothes and a joyful mood. Let us take care of the rest and be prepared for a memorable day! Swimming, sun bathing, enjoying a drink by the ocean and exploring some “secret wild beaches” are parts of the program.

We will cross the Tagus river and head south along the coastline to drop at some of the most lovely sandy beaches.

If you wish, we can also visit the sanctuary of Christ the King and enjoy fantastic viewpoints to Lisbon.


Largo de Camões

Everyday: 22:00
Around 5h