Lisbon Walking Tours

Among the top influences in shaping the renaissance in Europe and nowadays a bustling center for the arts, a visit to Lisbon can be a visit to the ethnic richness of not simply Portugal but also of Europe as a whole. One of many other identifying characteristics of the town of Lisbon is needless to say its water. Situated near the Atlantic ocean, among the top attractions of the town of Lisbon is of course its river. As winding alleys take you past a few of the earliest buildings within this scenic metropolis, the Atlantic Ocean produces a great contrast together with the white-washed buildings that mark the identification of the town of Lisbon. Lisbon walking tours allow you to capture the true beauty of Lisbon, Portugal at your own pace.

Constructed around the region covered by seven hills, Lisbon is distinguished by means of a climate which is comfortably reasonable throughout all the seasons. Therefore, you can select virtually any period of the full year to travel to this wonderful land, due to its cool summers and pleasurable winters, that is rather unlike nearly all of the other European metropolitan areas.

Some of the most famous tourist destinations in town, which shows the powerful characteristics of medieval design effect within the town of Lisbon, is the Castelo de Sao Jorge. A fortress that is situated at the top of a hill, this exquisite location offers you a whole bird’s eye view of the whole town of Lisbon, with the most striking scenery of the ocean, the river, as well as the valley by which the river moves.

A quick walk from this lovely medieval fortress goes past the most enchanting winding streets with their characteristically pebbled appearance, in the district of Alfama, a place which successfully combines its old-world look, together with the finest of today’s technology, and which has kept some noticeable influences of Moorish culture and art, making it an exceptional place within all of Europe.

Chiado is another area which maintains a number of medieval influences of the town of Lisbon. Now a bustling shopping area, a walk in Chiado stoned pavement is the best way to make sure your shopping excursion coincides with the sight-seeing activities that Lisbon is indeed renowned for! Besides being one the most famous places for dance clubs in town, it is also a flourishing artist’s community.

Lisbon Walking Tours

Lisbon Walking Tours are the most intimate form of exploring our beautiful city and getting to know closely its people, culture, traditions and historical monuments. These tours are planned to be around 3 hours long and during this time you are invited to explore one of the several thematic areas of Lisbon, its historic evolution, main points of attraction and intriguing stories that fill those places with particular spirit. And of course, we will make some stops to enjoy some delicious traditional pastries and to recover from our exciting journey. All of our programed walking tours are very dynamic and allow for a very interactive, exciting and fun learning experience.

Here are our most Popular Walking Tours:

Welcome to Lisbon Walking Tour

This Welcome to Lisbon Walking Tour is the “Must Do” and the First thing to do as soon as you arrive to Lisbon!

Welcome to Lisbon Walking Tour

Welcome to Lisbon Walking Tour

Old Town Walking Tour





Historical evolution of Lisbon old Town, the influence of ancient civilizations, the omnipresence of the Romans, Jews and Moors and how Lisbon evolved around the neighbourhood of Alfama.

Lisbon Old Town

lisbon old town


Get to know “the other side of Lisbon”, explore Cacilhas and Almada, visit a real frigate and go to the majestic Christ the King Sanctuary.

Christ the King Sanctuary

Christ the King Sanctuary


Be amazed in Belem with the historical blueprints of the Age of the Discoveries; Vasco da Gama’s resting place; the world’s largest collection of royal coaches; home of the President; and the famous “Pasteis de Belem”.

walking tour belem

walking tour belem

Lisbon Food Tour – Walking, Drinking, Eating

What better way to know a city than walking in its heart and taste its traditional dishes? Combination of a Lisbon Food Tour (offers of tradicional “Petiscos” snacks/drinks) with walking and exploring the city!

lisbon food tour petiscos



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