Missing Portugal

Missing Portugal

“A dear friend of mine, an American, whom I met in Lisbon a few years ago, now wrote in the Facebook that he was sorry for his Portuguese friends who were suffering with Portugal’s defeat by Spain in UEFA EURO 2012.

Other friends living outside Portugal quickly clicked “like” or made comments. One of these comments had the effect of a thunder hitting me – How I miss Portugal! – somebody said.

Oh, sim. I am sure I would miss my country very, very much if I was far away too, I thought to myself.

Now with the summer on how could they not miss the beautiful peaceful beaches, the sun, the sardines, the fresh seafood, the Portuguese music – the soulful fado, sang in picturesque restaurants, the villages with their Moorish castles and stunning palaces, the natural warmth of the Portuguese people…

Oh, sim, I quite understand that feeling and I, hereby, promise I’ll do something about it. I mean it! Y’ll see.”

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