Why Lisbonhost

Why Us? Because…

We Go local

Lisbonhost was founded on the idea to invite you to live for a while as a Portuguese local and help you to get the most out of this wonderful experience.We will guide you to discover this beautiful town and its surroundings in a much intimate and profound way than you would do on your own. We make sure that besides the main touristic attractions you will also experience the best that Lisbon has to offer from the side of the Portuguese locals: traditional food, pastries, local beaches, public transports, local markets, parks and cultural activities. So, don´t just follow the main routes for foreigners; let´s go local!

  • We will optimize your time and money
  • We inform you of the best deals, promotions and discounts in town
  • We can plan your walking tours, day trips and luxury evenings
  • We have important partners and connections in town
  • We offer the best prices

We are unique

Our unique programs are packed with lots of excitement, fun, adventures, historical insights, stories of love, jealousy, family rivalries, intrigue, murder, torture, fortune, and fame. Moreover, we always treat you with local snacks and other little surprises that make our tours unique and special.

We do not intend to take you on a “marathon track” tour around the entire Lisbon and bore you with endless dates, statistics, measurements, and name-dropping. Rather, we will HOST you in our amazing town; show you around; guide you to explore the most fascinating places; inform you about the best deals and promotions in town; and share with you the richness of our culture, traditions, typical food and daily activities.

We are flexible and organized

Lisbonhost tours are informative, well organized, fun and time efficient. We cover a lot of ground but always keep our tours entertaining and flexible, adjusting to the state and preferences of our audience. This is also why we give you a choice of several great itineraries, each of which focuses on a particular geographic /historical /thematic area of Lisbon. As an option, you can also choose your own route, and we will take you there!

We love what we do

We love to share the uniqueness of our culture and traditions
We enjoy to research and explore historical facts and events
We love to explore different places and cultures
We guide you with passion

We are fun

We are young and enthusiastic people! We love unity in diversity and believe in oneness of mankind! That is why we don’t treat our clients as numbers, but rather aim to maintain a great level of intimacy during our tours – one that gives participants a chance to get to know each other and their guide. We are more than happy to share with you info about Lisbon that we have a access to as locals! And we are looking forward to meet you and show you around, making sure you have an unforgettable experience in Lisbon!



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